Sunday, February 21, 2010

Your Top Five FunniBonz Show Questions Answered

We have the honor of meeting hundreds of people at every show - most of them are new to the FunniBonz experience and, of course, we end up hearing the same questions over and over again.  So, to satisfy those curiosities, here are the answers to the most often asked questions from our customers:

1)  How spicy is Spicy? 
This is our most often asked question when we offer samples of FunniBonz Spicy sauce to new potential customers.  And, of course, the answer is completely subjective.  If you like spicy food, it's perfect.  It starts out sweet, rises to a warm and tingly crescendo and then levels out without ever geting "too spicy." It's all about the flavor, not about the "burn." 

If you have a super sensitive tongue, you may want to stick with FunniBonz Original.  It still has some kick but has a sweet and mild aftertaste that your palate will just love.  And this is a favorite among the kids.  It's the best way we've found to get them to eat those pork chops! 

For those of you that like it when that Spicy kick lasts past the end of the meal, you will love the FunniBonz Fiery Chipotle.  It will be on store shelves by mid-March.  If you don't see it next to the regular FunniBonz in your local store, ask for it!

2)  How do you make your FunniBonz Five Bean Medley?
This is (almost literally) the World's Easiest Recipe.  Here's what you do:
At the store, select five cans of your favorite types of beans.  At past shows we have used black beans, pink beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans, cannelini beans, kidney beans (light or dark), navy beans, lima beans, butter beans and even black eyed peas.

Drain all of the cans into a single collander and rinse the beans with cold water.  Put into a pot on your stove.  Add sauce to your taste and mix well.  Warm through.  Serve.

Of course, you can aways kick up your beans by adding in chopped onions, peppers, crumbled bacon or diced jalapenos or tomatoes and by letting the beans simmer slowly for a while, just to give the flavors time to blend. But that's completely up to you.  Really - feel free to make it your own!  You can't mess this one up!

And you can always click HERE to see our step-by-step demo.

How easy was that!?!  :-)

Special thanks to our friend Chef Diane Henderiks for the fancy dish name. :-)

3)  Where are you really from?
We know it's hard to believe that great barbeque sauce can come from New Jersey but it's the truth. 

Admittedly, Jim did go to college in Greensboro, North Carolina, however his inspiration for this creation came from grilling on the back deck with his Dad, business partner and brother in law right in West Windsor, New Jersey. 

So yes, we are really from New Jersey and we hope to eventually be the ones to put Jersey on the map for great barbeque sauce!

4)  How long have you been in business?
We are still a fledgling company.  We've been incorporated since June 2008 and have been on store shelves since January of 2009.  We are always grateful to Jack's Corner Market in East Brunswick for giving us a chance and to the folks at Pennington Quality Market for letting us do demo after demo in their awesome store and and all of the residents in Pennington, NJ for their unwavering support when we were just getting started.

5)  Where else can I get FunniBonz besides this show?
On the East Coast, FunniBonz can be found in almost 200 stores from Connectcut through the mid-Atlantic region and down to Georgia.  We are also in The GrapeVine Cottage in Zionsville, IN and Joe's Parkway Market in Bozeman, MT.   And if you are lucky enough to have tickets to the 2010 Olympics, you can pick up a jar or two at Market Meats in Vancouver, BC, Canada. 

To find the location nearest to you, simply log on to our Store Locator page, type in your zip code and the nearest location will be at the top of the list right along with a convient map of the area. 

We will be expanding to all of the Whole Foods locations in the Mid-Atlantic region by mid-March. We will also be adding a new store to our list of business partners.  You will be able to find FunniBonz Barbeque Sauces in all 92 of The Fresh Market locations by the end of March.

We hope we were able to answer some of your burning questions.  If you have any more, feel free to reply to this blog and we will try to get all of your questions answered.

See you at the next show!

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