Saturday, December 27, 2008

How can you resist?

Palermo's is now serving the FunniBonz Barbeque Chicken tomato pie. Take a look at this beauty! Is your mouth watering yet?
You can only get this deliciously sweet and spicy pie at Palermo's Restaurants. Be sure to visit next time you're in the Central/South Jersey area. You know you want some!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What in the World is a Mop?

Along with your purchase of FunniBonz Barbeque Sauce, you can also purchase a BBQ basting mop. Why is it called a mop, you ask? Well, because it looks like a mop.

But this is no mop for your floor, my friends. This foot-long gadget was created to spread your favorite barbeque sauce evenly so that it covers every corner of your meat and thus the perfect FunniBonz glaze is born.

Don't forget to add a BBQ mop to your next FunniBonz order.
Testimony from my friend and co-worker Karen:

The sauce is great! I tried it with my son and WOW it is good.
This is a conversation between me and one of my friends.

So Frances calls me last night wispering like she's in a witness protection program and shouldn't be on the phone.

Her: "Listen, do you have anymore of that BBQ sauce?"
Me: "Why are you whispering?"
Her: "Oh. Am I?"
Her, still whispering: "I ate all of mine and need more for my Christmas brisket."
Me: "Ok, stop whispering. And, no I don't have anymore. But, I do have some that I used at John's birthday party and you're welcome to some of that."

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Customized Baskets Available

Just because the holiday season is nearly here doesn't mean gift-giving season has to be over. Valentine's Day is coming. So is that special birthday for the person who has (almost) everything. And you know that your mother would much rather receive the world's best BBQ sauce than those expensive but flavorless flowers on Mother's Day.

FunniBonz can customize a gourmet gift basket for any occasion and any budget. There's no better way to share the flavors of summer all year 'round.

Give us a call at 609-845-1806 or send us an e-mail at if you're interested in customizing a great gift basket for someone that you love. (Or even for yourself!)

FunniBonz available at all Palermo's Locations

Palermo's Restaurant and Pizzeria is famous for their Tomato Pies. If you've never had one, I suggest you get out and start your addiction right away! (Plain cheese and sausage pies are family favorites!)

And while you're there, you can now purchase Palermo's original items made with FunniBonz Barbeque Sauce. That great taste that you already love can now be enjoyed while you are out and about doing your daily routine.

There are three convenient locations to choose from:

Glen Brook Shopping Center
674 Route 206 South
Bordentown, New Jersey 08505
Phone: 609.298.6771
Fax: 609.298.6028

Palermo's II
Corner of 5th and Main Street
Roebling, New Jersey 08554
Phone: 609.499.9195
Fax: 609.499.8660

Palermo's III
1292 Lower Ferry Road
Ewingville, New Jersey 08628
Phone: 609.883.0700
Fax: 609.883.2036

Check out their menu and get directions to the location nearest you by going to their website:

Then come back and let us know what you think. And pick up a jar or two to try at home; you're gonna want some more!

We're going to the Fancy Food Show

FunniBonz has just been accepted as a Member Candidate with the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade (NASFT). This qualifies us to attend the 55th Summer Fancy Food Show that runs from June 28-30, 2009 at the Javits Center in New York City.

Be sure to get your tickets and look for us at the show. See you this summer!