Sunday, February 28, 2010

How to Make FunniBonz Chili

Here on the East Coast, Old Man Winter has been having a field day.  As I watch the snowflakes fall outside my window this morning (again!), I realize, "This would be a great day for FunniBonz Chili!"

So, here's a step-by-step guide to show you how easy it can be to make great homemade chili with the help of your favorite FunniBonz Barbeque sauce.  The great thing about chili is that you don't need measurements;  everything works according to your personal tastes.  Don't be afraid to experiment with seasonings, flavors and ingredients.

1) Brown one pound of ground beef (of course you can also use ground turkey or add in bulk sausage as well, if you prefer!) in a large pot or dutch oven.

2) Once meat is browned all the way through, drain and discard all fats from the pot. 

3) Add diced peppers, onions and celery as desired. 

4)  Mix vegetables through and sauté for a few minutes. 

5)  Add in one can of crushed tomatos and mix well.

6)  Add in a can of diced tomatoes.  I usally prefer the Italian-style with basil and onion.  Stir well.

7) Add in two beef bouillon cubes and mix well.  These will gradually melt into the chili and add a burst of additional flavor.  This would also be a great time to add in a can of mushrooms, if you desire, with liquid. I also like to add in a few washed and hand-torn celery leaves. They are absolutely delicious in chili.

8) Add in about three tablespoons of FunniBonz Spicy sauce.  Doesn't seem like a lot but this adds lots of additional spices and flavors and just a little touch of sweetness. (Add more later or use FunniBonz Fiery Chipotle for some extra spice!)

9) Add in two cans of any beans that your prefer.  Here we used light red kidney beans and black beans.  Do not drain before adding; the bean starch adds flavor and consistency to the chili.  Mix thoroughly.

10)  Cover pot, set temperature to low and let simmer for as long as possible but no less than 30 minutes.  This gives ingredients time to merge and blend.  Don’t be afraid to taste along the way to see if there is anything else that your chili needs before serving.

11) Congratulations!  You've successfully made a delicious, winter-fighting pot of FunniBonz Chili! 

Enjoy with your favorite shredded cheese, grated parmesan, sour cream and tortilla chips, or over a bowl of steaming white rice! Can’t you just taste it now?

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