Thursday, December 31, 2009

Let's play FunniBonz "Did You Know!"

...that FunniBonz products are now Gluten-Free?  You didn't?  Well, you do now!  Can't you hear all of those people with Celiac's disease breathing a collective sigh of relief as we speak?  And no more searching the jar for that one elusive ingredient that always manages to ruin the whole thing for you!  Just look for the words "Gluten Free" right on the label!

...that the entire family of FunniBonz sauces are Certified Kosher?  What?  You're losing a lot of points here, try to keep up!  We were officially certified by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America all the way back in October of 2009.  So the answer is "Yes, you can serve FunniBonz spicy veggie dip at your son's Bar Mitzvah!"  (Phone calls are being made... caterers are updating their party menus... it's a MAD house!)  Just be sure you see the Orthodox Union symbol on the label!

...that we are coming out with not one but TWO new products?  Ok, yes, you probably did know that.  But did you know which two?  And better yet, do you know when?  Aha!  I knew we would stump you!

As noted in our header, one of the new products will be a Sweet and Tangy Mustard sauce.  I know!  We are excited as well.  Just think of all of the things you can do with a tangy mustard sauce accented with sweet clover honey...  top your roast beef sandwich... coat your pork chops and then bake them to perfection...  spread it on that warm but lonely slice of ham on your plate... dip your soft Philly-style pretzel braid...  oh, the possibilities are endless.  (Here - grab a napkin - I think you're drooling...)

You're gonna want to hold on to that napkin because the next sauce we are introducing is a Fiery Chipotle sauce (Fire being the operative word! Stay with me here.)  We know you love Spicy.  We can tell by the speed in which we must restock it in our stores.  If you are already a fan of our Spicy sauce and nothing else will do then, by all means, stick to what you know. 

But if you are one of those folks that loves a challenge, if you enjoy the feeling of having your nose run while you devour your wings, if you love to eat ribs while not actually being able to feel your tongue...  ok, maybe it's not that bad!  Actually the Fiery Chipotle Barbeque sauce has the flavor and characteristics of the Spicy sauce with one big diference.  Where the kick in our Spicy Sauce has a mellow finish, the Fiery Chipotle Sauce keeps the heat coming.  And it will still have you coming back for more.

Look for both of these new sauce beginning in March 2010.  We know you are probably already planning menus around these sauces.  Believe us, it will be worth the wait!

So how'd you do?  Did you already know all of this stuff or did you learn something new today?  If you'd like to find out these things first-hand - you know... be in the know... sign up for our newsletter on the left.  We won't bombard you with junk mail or sell your info to anyone (we PROMISE!) but we will send you the occasional newsletter, special offer, event notice or coupon.  And (bonus!) you will always pass these tests with flying colors!

Thanks for playing!  Have a Spicy New Year!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

FunniBonz Across the Country

So... you're about to eat some deliciously tender chicken wings, hot from the oven and dripping with juices.  But, wait... something's missing.  You can't possibly enjoy those wings all by themselves.  They're... they're NAKED!! 

"Never fear," you hear emanating from the kitchen door (which is especially creepy because you live alone!)  "FunniBonz is here!"

As you look up, excitement builds, tears well up in your eyes, the music swells (you know that's just in your head, right?) and you see a large bone wearing a cape, standing in your doorway and holding that one thing that will make those chicken wings sing!  A brand new, unopened jar of FunniBonz Barbeque Sauce. (It's your dream, you can decide whether he's holding Original or Spicy!)

As the tears subside and you feel the steam seeping through your hot glove, you put down that succulent tray of chicken wings and go to retrieve that fantastic jar from Mr. Bonz. 

You open the jar and dip your first wing right in (we don't recommend this practice if you don't live alone) and soon you have the sweet, spicy sauce dripping down your chin while your fingers are covered in the most delicious wing sauce you have ever tasted.  "There is a heaven," you think, "and it's in this jar!"

As you wake from your fantasy and realize 1) you're out of chicken wings, 2) you live in Fulton County, Georgia, and 3) there probably isn't really a Mr. Bonz, you realize that this tantalizing food fantasy just can't come true.  Or can it?

Good news to all of you Fulton County, Georgia residents...   FunniBonz now is in a store near you!

FunniBonz Barbeque Sauce can now be purchased in both of the Natural Food Warehouse locations.  And guess what?  They also sell chicken!  Slowly but surely, your fantasy is becoming reality.

If only there were really a Mr. Bonz...

Natural Food Warehouse
10591 Old Alabama Connector Rd
Alpharetta, GA 30076
(770) 998-9500
Fax: (770) 998-9100

Natural Food Warehouse
6000 Medlock Bridge Pkwy
John's Creek, GA 30022
(770) 418-2828
Fax: (770) 418-2802