Friday, March 12, 2010

Demo Weekend to Kick Off Summer Season!

In spite of all of the excessive snow we've had on the East Coast and the soaking rains on the West Coast, Summer is always, inevitably, around the corner.  This weekend, as we Spring our clocks ahead, we are reminded that warmer weather is on the way.  And what better way to is there to celebrate the warmer weather than a barbeque on your back deck surrounded by friends and family?

FunniBonz is here to make sure that all of your barbeque events are a blast to attend and the talk of the town for weeks afterward. (But in a good way!  Not in a "could you believe Uncle Ulysses wore that ridiculous hairpiece?" kind of way!) 

Haven't tried FunniBonz yet?  We're giving you lots of opportunities this weekend.

Funnibonz will be at ShopRite in Marlton with free samples for all that happen by. 

We will also be at Corrado's in Clifton, NJ and at Whole Foods in Union, NJ.  Stop in, say "Hi" to the FunniBonz Street Team and even take a picture or two, if you'd like.  If you send them to us, we'll post them on our website!

So, ignore the impending rain!  Make a stand!  Demand your Summer right now and come to a FunniBonz demo near you!  Can't wait to see you there!

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