Thursday, October 8, 2009

The ink hasn't even dried...

...on the last two and we've already debuted in another new store.

You can now find FunniBonz Barbeque Sauce at Jack's Super Foodtown in Wayne, NJ. 

This week they are celebrating their Italian Festival so, when you go to pick up your jars of FunniBonz (just in time for the games this weekend!) you can also get the chicken breasts, Italian sausage or London broil that you plan to slather with FunniBonz Barbeque Sauce ON SALE!  Pork tenderlons are also on sale and, along with our sauce, they make awesome pulled pork sandwiches.

Enjoy the game, celebrate the weekend and don't forget the FunniBonz!

By the way... You can also find Jack's on twitter.  Just go to and click "Follow."

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