Sunday, January 24, 2010

FunniBonz, San Francisco and the Fancy Food Show

Back from our journey to the West Coast and boy did we have a great time at the Fancy Food Show.  We met a lot of new people, tasted lots of great food, and made some valuable connections. 

Our two newest flavors, Sweet & Tangy Mustard and Fiery Chipotle seemed to go over very well.  These two exciting new flavors will be available in mid-March.  If your store doesn't carry them, be sure to ask for them!

Retailers, distributors and vendors that visited our booth were able to take a complete flight through all four of our delicious tastes and decide which was best for their stores, their markets and their customers.

During most of the show we had large crowds gathered around Jim while he talked about his sauces, told his story and sampled the newest additions to the collection. 

During the three-day convention, we met several great vendors including Gaye from Marie Callender's Gourmet. (They had wonderful cornbread and corn pancakes)...

...and the guys from Green County Foods that sampled delicious flavored party cheeses such as Cranberry Orange, Chocolate Walnut Cheese Fudge and Triple Berry Almond as well as fresh and gorgeous petits fours...

They served their sweet cheeses in mini-wafer cones which we thought was genious!

Our next-booth-neighbor was Tim from Tennessee.  He brought his tasty Aussie Crunch gourmet popcorn (and his little hungry crocodile) to the show... (be sure to take note of the Sofi award on the right side of his table!)

One of our favorite tastes was at Sukhi's Gourmet Indian Food.  It was hard to believe that this food was pre-packaged.  Delicious and, if you like Indian food like we do, highly recommended...

One of the more social booths was at American Express.  Alhough they weren't sampling food, Leo, Marlon and Kris made the booth a fun and humorous stop during the show...

Some of our other favs included Josh at Island Treasures Gourmet (moist, flavorful rum cakes), Susan and her hubby at Tea Spree (tried the Vanilla Rooiboos in a silken tea infuser - best I've ever tasted), Ayala's Herbal Water (based right here in the Philly area - the Lemongrass Mint Vanilla was my fav.  Drink it ice cold!), Sahale snacks (gourmet candy coated nut blends.  Seriously... how much better can it get?), Sweet Sam's Banking Company (we're still drooling over that Lemon Frosted Pound Cake), Oskri Organics (their Coconut Bars are to die for!), the folks at PopChips (the Sea Salt and Vinegar flavor is really good but try the Original with a squirt of FunniBonz Spicy!  Wow!) and Peanut Flips (imagine PB Cap'n Crunch without all the sugar. Yum!)...

All-in-all, in spite of the rainstorms passing across the west, it ended up being a great show.  We had an awesome time meeting new people and experiencing the show on the West Coast for the first time.  We hope you were able to follow our tweets.  If not, be sure to sign up and become a FunniBonz follower so you don't miss anything in the future.  Better yet, sign up for our newletter on the left! 

We look forward to seeing you all again at the Jacob Javits Center in June.

(Thanks to the folks at the Jacuzzi Winery for the full family shot!)

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