Monday, July 27, 2009

Fun at the Balloon Festival

Here are some photos from this weekend's Balloon Festival at Solberg Airport in Readington, NJ.

The FunniBonz Family during a rare quite moment.
Jim Jr., Jim III, Evonne, Darryl & Lauryn

Will and Maurice from Horizon NJ Health with Darryl & Casi

Jim III, Jo, Jim Jr., Darryl, & Lauryn

Jim Jr., Lauryn & Darryl spreading BBQ joy!

Lauryn and Jordan with Grandma!

Jim posing with Frank & Jeannette Catena and daughters Allie and Rachel

Lauryn met Camp Rock's Meaghan Martin

Jordan enoyed the evening balloon launch

People stood in line all weekend long (in the heat!) to try samples of FunniBonz own Sloppy Joe. We are eternally grateful for the wonderful reception and response!


  1. Wanted to send you guys an email, but the funnibonz website seems to be having issues - the Home and Contact Us pages are hurting bad - give your webhoster a call and get them to fix you up, pronto!

    I'll check back later. In the meantime, I discovered your sauce at the Balloon Fest, and it's awesome. Hope you guys are doing fine; I'm sure the weekend must have been incredibly hard work for you.

    Take it easy,

  2. Hi, Steve.
    No problems with the site. Not sure what happened in your situation. Anyway, thanks so much for your comments and your support. Festvals are always hard work (especially in that heat) but it's worth it to get out and meet people like you and create new fans. Thanks for the feedback and keep passing the word!